Snowboard Protection

This section shows my recommendations and review of products that I have either used or plan to purchase.

If you are planning to dedicate yourself to learning snowboarding to a high level, you will go through lots of falls and potentially some injuries as well. Hence I high recommend that you minimise the setback due to injuries and the medical cost of those injuries by protecting yourself with body armour. After all the cost of the medical bills will be much more than the investment in protecting yourself in the long run.

In the many years on the slopes, I can assure you that my body armour has saved and protected me from those unexpected falls that could have led me to the hospital. The craziest part is that those potential lethal falls seems to happen the most in the green slopes and in the car park where the potential for ice is the highest. Incidences like getting out of the car and slipping on black ice without noticing it will cause you to land either on your tailbone or spine, which I'm sure you can imagine how painful it can be.



  1. Ruroc RG1-DX
  2. POC
  3. Giro

Protection/Body Armour

  1. POC Spine Back
  2. POC Spine VPD 2.0 DH Jacket
  3. XionPG Body Armour Pro


  1. POC Hip VPD 2.0 Ski Shorts
  2. Demon FlexForce X D3O Padded Shorts V2
  3. Xion PG Bermuda Pro Pants

Knee Pads

  1. SixSixOne Evo Knee Guard
  2. POC Joint VPD 2.0 DH Knee

Wrist Guards/Gloves

  1. Level Super Pipe XCR Protective Snowboard Gloves
  2. Burton Impact Snowboard Wrist Guards

For Kids

Protection/Body Armour 

  1. POCito Spine VPD Vest