Snowboard Protection

poc spine ergo back protector

If you just need a breathable, light weight and strong back protector, the POC Spine Ergo Back Protector will do the job. The shape is ergonomically made to fit the curve of your spine. With two eleastic shoulder straps and a velcro wasit strap to secure it. 

I was looking for this online for quite a while and was hesitant of purchasing it as I was worried that the fit was may not be right. So happened I was taking a vacation in USA (2013) and I dropped by Lake Tahoe for a few days with my friends during mid-April (1 week to end of season), and I saw it on sale in one of the shops in "The Village". I tried it on and immediately got it as it fitted very nicely and the quality of it was very sturdy.

I personally feel that having a spine protection is one of the most important protection to have besides your helmet, after all if you injure your spine, you will be in a lot of pain and in the worse case scenario be parallsed even. There are so many scenarios that I can think off where it will defenately protect you:

  1. While sitting down on the ground, a skiier or snowboard crashes into you from behind (especially in the green slope where all the beginners are)
  2. Slip and fall on your back due to icey terrain. Happend to me when I got out of a SUV
  3. Perform a box or rail trick and landed wrongly on your back

As a CASI snowboard instructor, I find it to be a great tool to help with a person's posture when you are snowboarding as it sort of restricts the range movement of the upper and lower torso so that the whole body can move as one during turns. It is also helps the snowboarder to know if he/she is having a straight back during knee flexing.

They currently don't sell this older version, but you can consider the new version the POC Spine VPD 2.0 Back. This has the newer impact absorbing material and at the same time more flexible to conform to your spine shape.

Spine VPD 2.0 Back