Snowboard Protection

XionPG Longsleeve Jacket Pro D3O​Just looking at the amount of D3O protection and where it protects. I’ll call this the holy grail of body protection. Only area that is not too well protected is the chest, but otherwise arms and the whole back and even under your arms near your rib cage is well protected.

Combine it with low profile, snug and breathable materials, this would definitely protect you very well and still be comfortable enough that you won’t notice that you are wearing it.

Price wise I give it a 2 as it cost quite a lot to purchase this, and the money can be used towards more important gear like your snowboard gear.

Protection: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Price: 2/5

XionPG Longsleeve Jacket Pro D3O FrontXionPG Longsleeve Jacket Pro D3O Back