This is JAPAN's first winter after COVID-19! We lead a 9D6N Trip to Niseko and Sapporo. We had lots of ski and snowboard progression for everyone through the instructor lessons from the NV Ski School and mountain exploration. Many were their first time and many of the kids were ready for 80% of the mountain after 3-5 days of morning lessons and afternoon practice!

I'm impressed by everyone's progression. It really helps to actively monitor them everyday! Great work team!

Trip Organised by EU Holidays and Singapore Ski and Snowboard Academy.

Week 1 (Niseko + Sapporo Teine)Week 2 (Niseko)Week 3 (Niseko)Full Video (9mins)
Sapporo Teine & Niseko – Snowboard Trip – Week 1 (Part 1/3)

There are 3 videos to this trip, simply because we did so much and we recorded close to 80 videos on this trip. This trip is a very important trip as it had four big objectives.

  1. One of which was to verify the Snowboard curriculum for indoor slope to mountain progression that I came up for Urban Ski after taking my CASI level 2 course in 2017 and clearing 600 hours teaching at Urban Ski (indoor slope) works for the students.
  2. The second objective was to improve my video recording skills and streamlining the video production workflow.
  3. To level up my snowboard and teaching skills.
  4. Prepare for future trips by Snowsports Club of Singapore (Official)

Overall, we completed 12 full days of snowboarding, with 2 full rest days and 2 days for travelling. Pretty intensive even for me.

Alvin (the other guy in red) did about 18 hours of lessons at Urban Ski and managed to reach about level 3+/4 at Urban Ski, before this trip and he has never touched snow before. Do note that Alvin is definitely braver compared to the usual students that we get so his learning progression will be slightly faster.

On his first day at Sapporo Teine, he still went through the Snowboard progression by CASI Quick Ride system. Within about 2hrs of hard work he was able to link turns confidently. It goes to show that the indoor slope is extremely good for fundamental training (especially for students who cleared Urban Ski 3). The indoor slope can never replace the real snow, but I believe it is an excellent tool for training. I like to call it our Ski/Snowboard Gym.

We started off with Green slopes to gain his confidence in practising linking turns and slowly increase the steepness of the slope. By end of day 1, we started on Red slopes (intermediate) to work on his speed control. The second day we mostly practised on the Red slopes and also went into the black slopes as an introduction. We were very satisfied with the outcome of just the first two days. According to Sapporo Teine map, we went through all the slopes except for one black slope, so I it was extremely productive first two days.

For the 3rd day, we took it as a rest day as we headed to Niseko and got ready for more intensive snowboarding. I won’t talk so much now, so enjoy the videos as we mostly just snowboard every day!

I believe this video production is probably my best work to date on understanding video recording in the mountains. The best part now, I can do the video compilation on my phone rather than transferring it to my computer to combine it. Only thing I have to sacrifice is the quality of it, as I usually like to record in 4k (30fps) but the Quik app by GoPro, only does 1080p(60fps), which is an acceptable compromise.

All I want to say is just put in the hours, learn from the right people, grab a lesson if you want productive improvement and most importantly never stop learning!


  • GoPro Hero4
  • Black Sony RX100M4
  • LG V20
  • Feiyu Tech G4S 3-Axis Gimbal

Niseko – Snowboard Trip – Week 2 (Part 2/3)

This is our second week in Niseko, we are already feeling the count down of going back home :(

It was a very nice day as we celebrated the Jan babies birthday, so we went to Abu-Cha for sukiyaki and some izakaya food.

As we were very tired from Snowboarding 7 days straight, our legs were getting very jelly and we took it easy during our runs and just focus of doing drills to improve our fundamentals for the various techniques.

We did finally take 2 full rest days as we wanted to make sure we enjoyed the last 3 days before we flew back home.

Alvin completed his whole new set up:

  1. Burton Skeleton Key 154
  2. Burton Genesis EST Bindings
  3. Burton ION - BOA

He was performing really well most of the time, except for those bad beginner habits of counter-rotation to turn still creep in a couple of times. You can see them in the video when he falls. I wanted to show it to remind everyone, rotation turns are more efficient and safer than counter-rotation turns.

We did manage to have a nice day to take some more videos, and we met up with some friends for dinner. Thank you for fetching us to Kutchan to have dinner, Way better and cheaper than eating in Niseko itself.

Well enjoy the second video and watch out for the most fun video "Last Days" in a few days time.


  • GoPro Hero4
  • Black Sony RX100M4
  • LG V20
  • Feiyu Tech G4S 3-Axis Gimbal

Niseko - Snowboard Trip - Last Days | Jan 2018 (Part 3/3)

These were our last few days in Niseko and it was probably the most exciting days as we met up with a few fellow SG friends as well as hanging out together with one of our fellow snowboard instructor friend, Benjamin, who was on his NZSIA Level 2 course.

We met a fellow Singaporean at my lodging, Lavinia Tay Sze Hua who was here alone, so we asked her to accompany us on the slopes since it was her first time at Niseko.

Benjamin and I pooled our knowledge on snowboard teaching and shared with each other on how to improve our weak areas. It was so fun to learn new stuff and improve yourself. The joy of enjoying the journey of never-ending learning!

We got together on the slope and rode together. It was a really exciting as we tested our courage on Park as well as the jumps. We missed a few, but we also cleared a few, so the outcome was great for the first time!

The greatest achievement was the last day where we decided to hike to the summit as it was a clear sky morning. Unfortunately half way up, the storm came it and it was totally white out so we could not take good photos or videos.

Oh well, we have to save it for the next trip. This was our first time climbing up to the summit and it was totally worth it, especially finding fresh powder. Do make sure you bring along your backcountry gear for safety if you ever do serious backcountry and it is highly recommended for anyone to attend a backcountry course before you try. Don't mess with mother nature.

The track down was wide and big and as long as you keep to the slope and aim for the chairlifts or the cat-trial, you will end up back to the main slopes. Definitely will keep trying more times on next few trip.

Our last night we had a cook-in dinner, prepared by our iron-chef, Fabian and we played games with sake till the early morning where we had to walk back to our lodge to pack for our flight back home. =)

Thanks all for watching the three videos. Will be releasing a few other different types of compilation videos of the trip. Hope you enjoyed the video journey as much as we did. Till the next trip!

This is the full 3 part video combined of our 16 days trip.

We went to Teine Sapporo for 2 days and Niseko for the remaining 14 days.

We got the 2-week Hirafu Pass which was very cost effective and trained really hard to improve ourselves.

Looking forward to our next trips.

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This video is dedicated to my lovely wife, kids and friends who share the passion for the snow and exploring the world!

First 16 seconds, borrowed from GoPro Japan video =)
Music: The Nights (Avicii)

1. Hakuba
2. Mt Naeba/Kagura
3. Tokyo
4. Tokyo Disneyland

I would like to thank my amazing wife and my cutest girls in the world for the utmost support in pursuing my dreams. Without you all I would not be where I am today.

1. Jean Victoria Boey
2. Naomi Natasha Boey
3. Alvina Stella Boey

Urban Ski: for the idea of taking the CASI Exam!

1. Lynn Chang
2. May Lee

And lastly for the wonderful people who I met during the trip!

Evergreen Outdoor Centre & CASI
Our Instructors:

1. James Hyland
2. Adam Lee Harrington
3. Emily Fanning
4. Greg Mullins

Our Fellow CASI Classmates:

1. Alfa Hsieh
2. Yu Fang
3. Nick Faddes
4. Aoife Kennedy
5. Jamie
6. Junpei Onishi
7. Vincent Lin
8. Mico (寶姬兒)
9. Alan Tam
10. Alan (郭弘二)
11. Patty
12. Jason (外星倫)
13. Avery (Lihama Hsu)
14. Mei (簡岑穎)
15. Eva

Avalance Skill Training:

1. Dave Enright
2. Bill Glude
3. Krissi Hyland
4. Emma
5. Kana Kaibara
6. Benny Chan
7. Louis

Other friends we met in Hakuba:

1. Marina Miwa
2. Mark Tyrrell
3. Hana Igarashi
4. Gabriel Ramirez
5. Cyrus Lorenzo
6. Jacob Anderson
7. Frank Mahinh

Camera: Hero4 Black 4k/30FPS/W & Sony RX100mIV 4k/30FPS
Gimbal: Feiyu-Tech G4S
Stats: TraceSnow


Here it is! The video of my short trip to Hakuba to take my CASI Level 2 Course and Exam. It was a very challenging course for me as I had only recently completed CASI Level 1 last year and have not had enough real mountain training time to clean up my snowboarding techniques. Despite the daily challenges that I was put to by my CASI Level 4 coach, Cory Davies, I did my very best to keep pushing myself. In most cases, we were practising lots of different drills and techniques that I have never done before so we really felt like beginners again. Despite the 8 full days of training and practice, I wished I had a little more time to practice. I did my very best but as CASI level 2 standards are very high, I only managed to clear the riding part. I'll have to come back to retake my teaching element. Looking forward to practising everything before the retake.

I would like to thank my lovely wife, Jean Tan for taking care of the kids while I was away to take this course. Thanks to all the friends that I met and the support that you all have given me.

Special Thanks to Cory Davies and Adam Lee Harrington for your teachings.

My fellow course mates. William ChiWei Chang, Luke De Zille Sam Jones Stevie Trembath, Risa Ikeda & Andrew Wunderlich. Dave Enright, James Hyland & Krissi Hyland for the awesome support. And also to the many friends at Hakuba, Bill Glude, Kana Kaibara, Ayaka Ikeda, Marina Miwa & Jessica Mustika. See you all soon!!

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