This video is dedicated to my lovely wife, kids and friends who share the passion for the snow and exploring the world!

First 16 seconds, borrowed from GoPro Japan video =)
Music: The Nights (Avicii)

1. Hakuba
2. Mt Naeba/Kagura
3. Tokyo
4. Tokyo Disneyland

I would like to thank my amazing wife and my cutest girls in the world for the utmost support in pursuing my dreams. Without you all I would not be where I am today.

1. Jean Victoria Boey
2. Naomi Natasha Boey
3. Alvina Stella Boey

Urban Ski: for the idea of taking the CASI Exam!

1. Lynn Chang
2. May Lee

And lastly for the wonderful people who I met during the trip!

Evergreen Outdoor Centre & CASI
Our Instructors:

1. James Hyland
2. Adam Lee Harrington
3. Emily Fanning
4. Greg Mullins

Our Fellow CASI Classmates:

1. Alfa Hsieh
2. Yu Fang
3. Nick Faddes
4. Aoife Kennedy
5. Jamie
6. Junpei Onishi
7. Vincent Lin
8. Mico (寶姬兒)
9. Alan Tam
10. Alan (郭弘二)
11. Patty
12. Jason (外星倫)
13. Avery (Lihama Hsu)
14. Mei (簡岑穎)
15. Eva

Avalance Skill Training:

1. Dave Enright
2. Bill Glude
3. Krissi Hyland
4. Emma
5. Kana Kaibara
6. Benny Chan
7. Louis

Other friends we met in Hakuba:

1. Marina Miwa
2. Mark Tyrrell
3. Hana Igarashi
4. Gabriel Ramirez
5. Cyrus Lorenzo
6. Jacob Anderson
7. Frank Mahinh

Camera: Hero4 Black 4k/30FPS/W & Sony RX100mIV 4k/30FPS
Gimbal: Feiyu-Tech G4S
Stats: TraceSnow