Here it is! The video of my short trip to Hakuba to take my CASI Level 2 Course and Exam. It was a very challenging course for me as I had only recently completed CASI Level 1 last year and have not had enough real mountain training time to clean up my snowboarding techniques. Despite the daily challenges that I was put to by my CASI Level 4 coach, Cory Davies, I did my very best to keep pushing myself. In most cases, we were practising lots of different drills and techniques that I have never done before so we really felt like beginners again. Despite the 8 full days of training and practice, I wished I had a little more time to practice. I did my very best but as CASI level 2 standards are very high, I only managed to clear the riding part. I'll have to come back to retake my teaching element. Looking forward to practising everything before the retake.

I would like to thank my lovely wife, Jean Tan for taking care of the kids while I was away to take this course. Thanks to all the friends that I met and the support that you all have given me.

Special Thanks to Cory Davies and Adam Lee Harrington for your teachings.

My fellow course mates. William ChiWei Chang, Luke De Zille Sam Jones Stevie Trembath, Risa Ikeda & Andrew Wunderlich. Dave Enright, James Hyland & Krissi Hyland for the awesome support. And also to the many friends at Hakuba, Bill Glude, Kana Kaibara, Ayaka Ikeda, Marina Miwa & Jessica Mustika. See you all soon!!

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