The Role of the Snowboard Instructor:

A snowboard instructor doesn't just teach the technical aspects of snowboarding, but is much more than that. We are in a unique position where we are often looked at as a peer, friend, guide or as a leader to inspire them to greater achievements. We believe that good Instructors have an impact on the future of snowboarding as we are a key deciding factor in whether or not a beginner chooses to become a snowboarder. Our goal is to create life-long snowboarders!

What are the skills and attitudes that makes an effective instructor?

  1. Understanding of the information that want to be transfered. Instrutors must have credibility. It is important for a snowboard instructor to be able to demonstrate adequate skill in riding, and a have thorough understanding of our sport. This means that we must have a sound knowledge of snowboarding technique and equipment. We are the primary source of information for our students, so we must know our subject!
  2. Positive Attitude. Having a positive attitude towards learning is one of the key factors in a good instructor. Having the attitude to be open to learning and sharing that knowledge with positivity will help inspire and motivate the students to be improve themselves despite the many challengers they will encounter along the journey of learning. As the students are trying to acquire new skills and apply the techniques to their snowboarding, he/she will become fustrated and anxious when trying it out for the first time, but this is where the snowboard instructor is to support and keep the students positively motivated to keep trying to reach their goals.
  3. Effective Communication. Communicating in a precise and conside way is essential to getting the message across to our students. A lot of times, there is a very high chance that communication is misinterprated or misconceptualise and as a result will create confustion. Hence it is important that we as instructors must ask questions to verify that the information delivered has been delivered correctly.
  4. Ability to Analyse Performance. Analysis of a student's performance is the key to improvement and an extremely important factor to keeping the student motivated. Our ability to analysing and spotting the cause of a problem and delivering a set of exercise to help improve and remedy is an essential skill a snowboard instructor must have and keep improving with experience.
  5. Leadership in coaching and guiding your students. A good snowboard instructor will know his subject very well and is able to perform at a high level. As an instructor gains knowledge and experience in teaching our students, we also develop our leadership skills so that we can communicate more effictively and is able to pass on the knowledge and skills. A great leader would be able to inspire and lead students to surpass the teacher in everyway.