I hadn’t skied in 20 years when I hired Andrew to help me ‘re-learn’ - we pretty much started from scratch. Andrews teaching style enabled me to quickly learn the key skills required to hit the slopes. Andrew is a highly experienced instructor and was able to combine theory and practical sessions. He always ensured it was a fun, safe and productive learning environment with clearly defined objectives and next steps. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone requiring professional ski instruction.
Dan Clements
Dan ClementsDirector Employee Recruiting, Salesforce
I am not certain that I would have become so passionate about skiing had it not been for the training I received from Andrew. I took up skiing when I was 64 years old. Andrew was my instructor at Urban Ski where I had booked a one-on-one session on the simulator. In a very short time he took me through the basics, patiently and systematically explaining to me equipment, stance and balance. More importantly, in that short time, he instilled in me a confidence to actively take up the sport. I continued my training on the simulators with Andrew as my coach moving up to Level 3 (Urban Ski Standards). I would recommend Andrew to any beginner and intermediate skier. He is an excellent communicator providing clear and thorough direction that helped me understand what I needed to do to improve my skiing ability. He is a superb trainer who paces the instruction based on his student’s ability and capability. He has an infectious personality and a love for the sport that will definitely motivate you.
Edward Lichnock
Edward LichnockYoungest Skier
I was a self-taught skier with a wrong posture and several bad habits. I met Andrew at Urban Ski in early 2017 and went through several ski sessions with him. Andrew improved my posture and taught me effective skiing techniques. Thanks to Andrew, I was able to make the transition from struggling skier to good intermediate skier. I can perform decent parallel turns and ski black slopes with greater confidence. Andrew’s style and personality makes learning fun, if you want to learn proper snowboarding or skiing talk to Andrew.
Philip Teh
Philip Teh
Andrew (my snowboarding shifu) has helped me with my balance tremendously. I have always been afraid to fall but he was very attentive to my needs and always managed to stop the belt in time. I trust him and that really helped me with my training. He also pointed out my weaknesses and helped me improve. As a result, I was able to enjoy my snowboarding trips to the max. Andrew was tons of fun. He pushes you further each time but never too much for you to bear. He is also a very friendly and helpful person with a great character! He organises overseas group trips and tries to include his students in these trips. On top of that, he gives many tips and valuable advice down to the basics, starting with the gear (head-to-toe) you should have or can have. I would definitely recommend him to teach my friends and family.
Dr June Low
Dr June LowHand Surgeon
Getting back into skiing after a hiatus of nearly eight years was made much easier – all thanks to Andrew. At the beginning, it was difficult for me to even balance on the skis… especially on the elevator-type slope at his indoor ski school. However, under Andrew’s dedicated guidance through four private lessons, I regained my confidence in skiing. Andrew was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He was able to explain things in ways that I found easy to understand. His focus on improving my basic techniques had laid a strong foundation for me to progress onto steeper slopes. He was also able to pin-point technical problems and would address them effectively through progressive exercises. Andrew’s cheerful and friendly personality was infectious too. Lessons with him were never dull. His passion for the sport was clearly evident in his personal stories and in his enthusiasm to teach. Three years have passed, and I am still enjoying the sport. The skills that I’ve learnt from Andrew has enabled me to explore different slopes in Japan, which I previously could only dream of. It was such a great experience to be coached by Andrew and would highly recommend him!
Dr Amy Cheng
Dr Amy Cheng
Andrew is a fun-loving and encouraging snowboard instructor; he is able to communicate salient points after observation and pick-out and train-up confidence! He is the reason I lost a lot of fear in having to go on toe edge! He even bothers to share snowboarding videos showing good examples of posture and movement to inspire the class. I appreciate his patience and jolly personality infinitely - it's wonderful to have gained a good friend on top of a snow sport instructor!
Pamela Lim
Pamela LimManager for Ecoid Design Consultancy Pte Ltd
From my experience, Andrew usually focuses on the basics such as balancing on the heel and toe edge. This helped me to be able to have better control of my edges after every turn. He's a dedicated instructor who ensures his students have fun learning and allows them to be at ease by making jokes during sessions and just being the friendly guy he is. Although I haven't had as much sessions with him, due to changes in main instructors, through lessons that I have with him on certain days, my snowboarding skills have definitely improved and my experience at urbanski have been such a great one. One thing's for sure, Andrew's a great instructor beginners could learn from to get started on their snowboarding interest.
Iffah Ahmad
Iffah AhmadStudent
My Wife and I all had a fantastic time in Andrew's training and the best ski experience in the city...and Andrew was extremely friendly and very helpful in training us. It was one of the greatest experience of my life and I left with a comprehension of ski that exceeded my expectation. And after the training we making great friends. From layman to trying new things to improving my ski skill and thanks to awesome training made it in 2 months.
Mikey and Maggie
Mikey and Maggie